Awesome: Falcon R/C Helicopter Shoots BBs

By Evan Ackerman

I’m not entirely sure what the text on that picture says… Something about destroying France for the last time, I think. But who cares, it’s an R/C helicopter with a freakin’ BB cannon on it. The Falcon 4 channel electric helicopter (it’s modeled after the Apache) comes ready to fly out of the box with a remote, battery, charger, BBs, and safety goggles. Behind the helicopter’s engine compartment is a “bomb box” which holds the BBs, and a button on the remote will launch them out of some kind of cannon thing mounted just under the starboard weapons pod. There’s no information on ammunition capacity, rate of fire, or range… But you can always just zoom past your intended target at neck level and decapitate them with the rotor blades.

The Falcon should be available soon (in Italy, at least) for about 100 Euros (or about 50,000 150 USD).

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9 thoughts on “Awesome: Falcon R/C Helicopter Shoots BBs”

  1. Sounds close to violating Section 7 of the Safety Code of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA): “propels a projectile of any kind”

    1) I will not fly my model aircraft in sanctioned events, air shows, or model flying demonstrations until it has been proven to be airworthy by having been previously, successfully flight tested.
    2) I will not fly my model higher than approximately 400 feet within 3 miles of an airport without notifying the airport operator. I will give right-of-way and avoid flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft. Where necessary, an observer shall be utilized to supervise flying to avoid having models fly in the proximity of full-scale aircraft.
    3) Where established, I will abide by the safety rules for the flying site I use, and I will not willfully and deliberately fly my models in a careless, reckless and/or dangerous manner.
    4) The maximum takeoff weight of a model is 55 pounds, except models flown under Experimental Aircraft rules, Document Number 549*.
    5) I will not fly my model unless it is identified with my name and address or AMA number, on or in the model. Note: This does not apply to models while being flown indoors.
    6) I will not operate models with metal-bladed propellers or with gaseous boosts, in which gases other than air enter their internal combustion engine(s); nor will I operate models with extremely hazardous fuels such as those containing tetranitromethane or hydrazine.
    7) I will not operate models with pyrotechnics (any device that explodes, burns, or propels a projectile of any kind) including, but not limited to, rockets, explosive bombs dropped from models, smoke bombs, all explosive gases (such as hydrogen filled balloons), ground mounted devices launching a projectile. The only exceptions permitted are rockets flown in accordance with the National Model Rocketry Safety Code or those permanently attached (as per JATO use); also those items authorized for Air Show Team use as defined by AST Advisory Committee (document available from AMA HQ). In any case, models using rocket motors as a primary means of propulsion are limited to a maximum weight of 3.3 pounds and a G series motor. Note: A model aircraft is defined as an aircraft with or without engine, not able to carry a human being.
    8) I will not consume alcoholic beverages prior to, nor during, participation in any model operations.

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