Avurt IM-5 Self-Defense PAVA Projectile Launcher

Avurt IM-5 (Image courtesy Avurt)By Andrew Liszewski

These days there seems to be a lot of concern over tasers as a form of self-defense, and anyone who’s ever used pepper spray knows it has a limited range, and requires a bit of accuracy to be effective. So a company called Avurt has taken the best parts of both tasers and pepper spray, and combined them to create the IM-5 launcher.

Instead of firing pepper spray though, the IM-5 uses compressed nitrogen to launch small balls that are packed with PAVA powder (Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide.) The powder, which is significantly stronger than pepper spray, is dispersed in a cloud on impact causing a burning sensation that will leave an attacker debilitated while you make your escape. The IM-5 even includes a laser sight that is activated once the launcher is unfolded. This makes it a bit easier to accurately aim the gun, particularly at its maximum range of 40 feet.

The launcher is currently available on the Avurt website for $299.99 in your choice of blue, red, black and pink and includes 10 practice rounds. Live rounds are available separately in packs of 16 for $29.99, or 32 for $53.99.

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