Avox NF-101 Ultra Small MP3 Player Manages To Cram In A 500mW Speaker Too

Avox NF-101 (Images courtesy AVING USA)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ultra small MP3 players are almost to the point where they’re a dime a dozen, but few of them stand out in the relatively crowded market. While the Apple Shuffle remains at the top of the heap, other manufacturers have been trying to find ways to make their own players unique enough to grab a sizable chunk of the market share.

The Avox NF-101 from a Korean company called Plezo isn’t quite as small as the Shuffle (52 x 33 x 12mm), but it makes up for that in terms of features. Besides a small screen, the NF-101 also has an FM radio, a voice recorder, a pointless e-book reader and the ability to adjust the playing speed of tracks which is great for people who enjoy audiobooks. But the feature that will probably attract the most attention is a 500mW built-in speaker for those times you don’t feel like wearing headphones, or want to share a song with a friend without them using your earbuds.

Unfortunately I have no idea when the Avox NF-101 will be released, but when it is I have to assume the price will be competitive with the Shuffle.

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