Automated Bartender Makes Drinks, Doesn’t Steal Tips


By Ryan Nill

Digital Beverages MyFountain is an automated bartender. Which means that it’s really a glorified touchscreen with spigots that serves drinks with a minimal amount of human contact. It sits upon its pedestal-refrigerator, which conveniently holds 12 types of booze, a waterline and a carbon-dioxide cartridge (and the possibility to include name brand soda, in the future) and serves your vice-sauce up at the push of a button. As it mocks us lowly people. But at least it won’t steal my tips, right?

It also is linked up to a computer, so you can create personalized drinks and drink lists. It’s the future of drinking and sinning. But the future doesn’t come cheap, you know. The future starts from $2,575 and is available online, though it will be also be in certain stores in spring 2008.

[ Digital Beverages ] VIA [ Popsci ]

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