Authentic Drive-In Movie Speakers, Screw THX!

Authentic Drive-In Movie Speakers (Image courtesy Home Cinema Accessories)By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you’re desperate to relive your youth, I find it hard to believe that anyone would opt for this $330 set of freestanding drive-in movie speakers, instead of a similarly priced, crappy all-in-one home theater kit.

Unfortunately the website is a bit vague when it comes to details, besides boasting about the ‘free standing’ nature of the speakers, so I’m not sure if they’ve actually been salvaged from a real drive-in movie theater, or are just reproductions with an artificial ‘aged’ finish. Probably the latter since if they were salvaged they’d no doubt include a ‘letter of authenticity’ and an even higher price tag. Either way, I’m sure they sound just as awful as real drive-in movie speakers did.

But based on sitcoms and classic movies I’ve seen, it didn’t seem like drive-in movie theaters were ever really about the movies to begin with, so maybe these could be handy for recreating a certain type of atmosphere with your significant other. Know whatahmean, know whatahmean, nudge nudge, know whatahmean, say no more?

You can find them at Home Cinema Accessories of all places.

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