Aurora Color Changing Clock Will Also Test Your Memory

Aurora Color Changing Clock (Image courtesy Science Museum London)By Andrew Liszewski

Even though this Aurora clock features a generously sized LCD display that should make it easy to read the time from across the room, it goes one step further by slowly cycling through a different glowing color every hour. So no matter how far away you are from it, as long as you can see the clock you should be able to roughly estimate what time of day it is. That is if you’re willing to memorize what hour each of the 12 colors actually represents.

It also features a translucent rubber housing that allows you to turn the lights on or off with a simple tap, and the LCD display is backlit by whatever color happens to be glowing at the moment. There’s also an alarm function that can cause the clock to flash when it’s time to get up, and you get it from the London Science Museum online store for about $26.

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