Augmented Reality Cosmetic Mirror

digital-cosmetic-mirrorBy Gaurav Kheterpal

The Beauty and Cosmetics Industry is going through a serious transformation and Shiseido is amongst the leading companies driving this change to make you look better. Shiseido has just launched a Digital Cosmetic Mirror which allows you to test your make-up without even having to pick up a Mascara brush. The in-built camera in Digital Cosmetic Mirror scans your face and gives you tailored recommendations. Choose your make-up options from the list of recommendations and see the results they’ll have on the screen.

Virtual Make up is easy and more importantly, it’s quick!

[ Shiseido ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

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  1. I always thought something like this would be great for a furniture store. You could either bring in a picture to a kiosk like this, at say an Ikea, and place furniture in your room picture. Or you could have a phone app that uses the camera and augmented reality to make it look like the furniture is there on the phones screen. Don't be stealing my ideas 🙂
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