AudiDirect Reception System (Image courtesy Audi)

Audi’s New AudiDirect Reception System Lets You Watch Your Car Getting Repaired At The Dealership

AudiDirect Reception System (Image courtesy Audi)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure if you were to take your car to some sketchy repair shop on the wrong side of the tracks you’d have reason to worry about what the mechanics were doing with your ride. But taking your Audi into the dealership for scheduled maintenance or repairs? I’m not so sure. Nevertheless, the German car maker is introducing what they’re calling the AudiDirect Reception System which will see their mechanics and technicians wired up with video cameras and communication systems, allowing owners to see the work being done on their car and communicate with the person doing the work, all from the comfort of the reception area. On one hand ‘monitoring’ a mechanic while they’re working seems a little overkill given that most drivers will have no idea what they’re looking at, but being able to explain a problem directly to the person responsible for fixing it is probably a bit more productive.

For now the ‘Audi Cam’ service is only going to be available in Europe, but the response from owners so far has been very positive (not sure how the mechanics like it though) so it might be eventually offered across the pond as well.

[ – Audi Cam introduced – real time viewing of service work on your Audi ] VIA [ Autoblog ]

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  1. Man this would really suck to be the mechanic: “Be careful! Don't scratch the rim!” and I can't even imagine how much it'd suck if they did scratch the rim…”Sorry sir, I'll see if it buffs out and if not I'll buy you a new one…” haha

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