Audiophiles Unite: RISE Modulated Music Source


By Ryan Nill

For the (single-CD) DJ on the go, SIGMA audio concepts presents the RISE music source. Yet another beautiful concept in the world of sound, this RISE project features modulated components. This particular model RISE music source features three main components, each painstakingly wrapped in its own individual aluminum case, so as to completely eliminate any sound interference. This setup utilizes a Phillips CD reader, power box and a mixboard/equalizer. The only questions yet to be answered are what type of connections this thing is using, how long it operates using independent power and why on earth doesn’t this beauty play vinyl?

Custom made and pricing on a need to know basis. So its probably horrible expensive.

[ SIGMA audio concepts ] VIA [ gizmodo ]

2 thoughts on “Audiophiles Unite: RISE Modulated Music Source”

  1. These are the guys who made the Labor Limae 2-way bass reflex loudspeakers. I don’t have a link, but just Google it. I’m a sound engineer and audio quality is REALLY important to me! The guys at Hi-Fi Center do great work and I highly recommend their products.


  2. Thanks to all the readers for the attention.
    I’d like to inform the readers about the price: it’s not cheap , but it has a price related to the performances it gets, and that related to other cd players of that level is quite normal.
    In Italy Rise Music Source Cd Player is sold at 23.500 Euros Included VAT.
    Please, in case of wichever doubt or need don’t hesitate to contact me at the following adress: [email protected]
    Thanks again for the interest and for the comments.
    Have a really nice listening
    Michele Giordano
    Hi-Fi Center

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