Audi Design Foosball Table (Image courtesy Autoblog)

Audi Design Foosball Table – The Ultimate Driving Accessory?

Audi Design Foosball Table (Image courtesy Autoblog)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not uncommon to see the logos of America’s big three automakers, or their brands, slapped on everything from beverage cozies to floor mats, but you don’t often see European carmakers like Audi merchandising themselves the same way. Which is why I find this Audi branded foosball table a bit odd. Now it was created by Audi Concept Design Munich starting about 2 years ago, and the final design pictured here features flowing curves, a handcrafted wooden core, aluminum and high-strength plastic fittings and is actually endorsed for official tournament play by the Chairman of the Bavarian Table Soccer Association. But if you want one you’re probably already out of luck since just 20 are being produced, and even though they’ll cost about $16,000 a piece (€12,900) I’m sure they’re all already spoken for.

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