AT&T To Force Smartphone Buyers Into Purchasing Data Plans


By Chris Scott Barr

Good news for future AT&T customers. It seems that the wireless carrier is looking out for your best interests, and are going to make sure that your wireless bill is always constant. Rather that have you buy a smartphone without a data plan and charge you for only what you use, they’re going to go ahead and make you buy that data plan. See, now your bill is constant every month.

Yes, every word was dripping with sarcasm. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a smartphone without a data plan, but I’m always using the internet on my phone. Plenty of other people prefer not to pay a good $30 a month for data they may not even want to use. It looks like this will be going into effect on September 6th. The only ways to avoid get stuck with a data plan are to already have a smartphone prior to the 6th (you’ll get grandfathered in), or by buying an unlocked phone.

VIA [ BoyGenius ]