Atlona AT-HD530 Downconverter Makes Your New Toys Play With Your Old

Atlona AT-HD530 (Images courtesy Atlona Technologies)
By Andrew Liszewski

As the world slowly progresses to HDTV it might seem odd to find a device designed to facilitate old standard-definition displays, but that’s exactly what the AT-HD530 from Atlona Technologies does. It accepts a 1080P HD or UXGA digital signal from a PC (1600×1200 @ 60Hz) via HDMI or DVI and downconverts it to a standard-def NTSC or PAL signal available via HDMI, S-video or even ancient composite RCA hookups.

Normally I wouldn’t even give such a device a second look, but since I’m in the middle of testing out a pocket-size Pico Projector that only has a composite video-in connection, I can see how something like this could be useful in certain situations. Just be aware that it won’t work with HDCP-enabled devices if you were hoping it could be used as a workaround. $299 from the Atlona website available in late August.

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