ASUS P5E3 Premium Motherboard Features World’s First Energy Processing Unit

ASUS P5E3 Premium Motherboard (Images courtesy ASUS)
By Andrew Liszewski

ASUS recently announced a Premium version of their P5E3 motherboard which adds an EPU or ‘Energy Processing Unit’ to ensure the CPU is running at maximum energy efficiency. The dedicated chip constantly monitors the CPU’s activity and will adjust its power usage on the fly, so when the processor isn’t running at max capacity, it isn’t using as much energy.

The ASUS engineered EPU is the world’s first hardware-based on-demand power saving IC controller. In conjunction with ASUS’ GreenASUS project, this intelligent energy-saving chip utilizes an innovative power technology to digitally monitor and automatically fine-tune the CPU power supply with improved VRM efficiency under any loading. With real-time automatic detection of the CPU current, the EPU can provide total control and attain the best possible power efficiency and energy savings – providing users with more power for higher performing applications and saving more than 80% of your CPU power when the PC is running low intensity programs. Coupled with the innovative AI Gear3 – which features a new user interface that shows users exactly how much electricity and CO2 is being saved, the ASUS EPU can provide users with up to 50% more energy efficiency.

Another cool feature is the motherboard’s built-in WiFi (802.11n) and what ASUS calls their Express Gate mini OS. It offers an optional boot-up selection screen that allows you to surf the web and use applications like Skype or IM without having to load your full operating system. With a 5-second boot-up time it’s actually a pretty great feature if you’re just using your computer to quickly check email.

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