AstroClip (Images courtesy Kickstarter)

AstroClip Turns You, Your iPhone 4 And Your Telescope Into An Astrophotography Station

AstroClip (Images courtesy Kickstarter)
By Andrew Liszewski

With the recent final launch of the Space Shuttle program, the world’s attention has once again turned to the stars. And if you find yourself fascinated with gazing at the heavens, and also happen to be obsessed with iPhone 4 photography, here’s a Kickstarter project that could use your support. The AstroClip is yet another camera enhancement add-on for your iPhone, but this time it allows you to focus the lens on any telescope with a 1.25-inch eyepiece. A set of 3 adjustable screws ensures there’s always a tight fit, and depending on the size and caliber of your telescope, with minimal setup and adjustment you’ll be posting some NASA-quality images to your Instagram account, instead of just your cat playing with yarn.

The project has set a goal of $15,000 so that the AstroClip can be made in the United States, and with a donation of just $25 you can guarantee yourself one, if and when they go into production.

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