Astone’s Mobile Washer

Astone's mobile washer

By Tanya Palta

If you are one of those people who?ll do anything to skip laundry, then you will, in all probability, hate this little bugger. However for that rare species that love doing laundry (yes people, they do exist), the Astone Mobile Washer is a blessing in disguise.

This portable, fully-operational washing machine, weighs just 2 kg and on inflation can hold up to 6.5 Liters of water. Its exclusive design makes it truly portable, and makes a perfect traveling companion.

It’ll be available in June, at the very decent price of $70.

[Astone’s Mobile Washer] VIA [Gizmag]

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  2. We have read the literature on the Astone Mobile Washer. It is captivating and inviting. Our company is into marketing of potable mobile products in Nigeria and West Africa. We would like to add this to our product by being your agent for Nigeria and West Africa. Pls tell us when this product will be ready for the market

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