Aspire to Learning Air Guitar

air-guitar.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

We all have done it, whether in the shower or a job interview. That hardrock riff comes on and you bust out the air guitar. Well now you don’t have to rely on other music but instead make your own with the Air Guitar Technology, created by the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. Combining virtual reality and motion capture, the computer follows a pair of bright orange gloves on your hands as you jam out. It then translates this onto a virtual guitar which then makes noise/music.

You are probably thinking “Oh No! I don’t know how to play a virtual guitar. I just learned my air guitar.” Cool thing is that you don’t even need to know how to play. The computer takes the combination of your movements and interprets what guitar-playing technique and style you?re trying to imitate. It only plays the notes that fit together so it won’t sound like total crap. This has got to be the greatest news these people have ever heard in their lives. BTW folks, what is your favorite song to play on air guitar? I’m all over Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benetar.

[Air Guitar] VIA [Popular Science]

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