Art Guard Alarm Foils The Thomas Crown Types

Art Guard Alarm (Images courtesy ArtGuard LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re anything like me your apartment is probably filled with priceless antiques and numerous irreplaceable works of art. Having a 24-hour security guard on hand is a must but even the most thorough of background checks isn’t enough to ensure your masterpieces won’t go missing. Enter the Art Guard which functions as a car alarm for a Picasso instead of a Prius.

No hooks or nails are needed here, instead the Art Guard is secured directly to the wall and the hanging wire on the back of the frame is placed into a thin slot on top of the device. A pair of wire arms called ‘capture clips’ are then attached to the hanging wire providing an extra level of security. Once the frame is in place a long strap is pulled which removes a key pin and ‘arms’ the device. Then any attempt to remove the art from the wall will cause a 120 db alarm to sound. If that doesn’t get your attention then your masterpieces deserve to be stolen. One downside though is that the Art Guard doesn’t have a remote control which means you’ll have to endure the 120 db alarm in order to deactivate it and reset the key pin.

Art collectors will be happy to know the Art Guard is available in packs of 10 for $399. But you can save a bit of money and order 10 packs of 10 which brings the price down to $375 per pack of 10. If their device is as easy to use as their pricing scheme I think they’ve got a winner.

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