Arse Elektronika: Electric Orifice Orchestra

Elecric Orifice Orchestra

By Evan Ackerman

Well, after last night’s post, I bet you’re expecting the worst when it comes to Arse Elektronika performances. Don’t worry, this piece is mostly safe for work (I guess). The Electric Orifice Orchestra uses of three instruments, each consisting of a small balloon that is placed inside (yep) one of the performers. The balloons are attached to air pressure sensors, and by flexing certain internal muscles, the performers create pressure changes which a computer translates into sounds and light. After some technical difficulties (not all of which got resolved), EOO took the stage and put on a brief performance. “Mr. Farts” (the guy on the right) totally stole the show (which wasn’t that hard to do, unfortunately) with his percussive pelvic thrusts. The video after the jump will be the most bizarre thing you see today.

The Electric Orifice Orchestra’s first album is due out in mid 2008, and they’re available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. Thanks to Wired for the picture.

[Edit- If you’re finding Arse Elektronika in poor taste so far (and it seems as though that is the case), have a look at this article over on BotJunkie. It’s about the future of human/robot interaction. Hopefully it’ll help to explain why the conference was interesting, and also why (for better or worse) sex is an appropriate medium with which to investigate the evolution of technological progress and the effect it’s going to have on our social world. -Evan]

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13 thoughts on “Arse Elektronika: Electric Orifice Orchestra”

  1. I didn’t watch this. The concept is immature and not even worthy of webspace. I am surprised to find it posted here. I visit this website often and I enjoy more interesting and serious posts.

  2. Sorry guys, I knew it was weird, but I didn’t think it was in poor taste. It seemed like a pretty novel use of technology to me… Guess I was pushing it this time, though. But don’t worry, Arse Elektronika was a single event, and I’ve covered everything I’m going to cover this time around.

  3. Really, the conference wasn’t about sex fetishes… It was about humans interacting directly with technology. And that’s what these people were trying to explore. As far as I know, it’s something that’s never been done before.

  4. Wow… waita be prude about a novel and interesting potential new way to interact with technology.

    Pretend for half a second that you don’t have arms and can play no musical instruments whatsoever because of it.

    Granted its use is limited if you don’t like using your ass as an extra hand but if nothing else its really unusual. And if you do then the sky is the limit possibility wise.

  5. I think the people who enjoy these/your/ohgizmos posts don’t generally say anything. So you’re only getting the people who don’t like them telling you stuff.

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