Armadillo-T Car Folds Into Itself to Save Space When Parked


Late again because you had trouble finding a parking spot? Yeah, we feel you. It seems like the world is becoming more and more congested with humans and their cars these days, and it’s our fellow humans who end up getting inconvenienced due to the lack of available parking spaces. The Armadillo-T wasn’t created because of that quandary, but it might as well be, because this unusual car literally folds into itself when it’s parked. The name of the vehicle was inspired by the animal that it was named after, the armadillo, which can roll itself into its own body in order to hide in its shell as a defense mechanism.

Developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the Armadillo-T is an electric vehicle that can travel up to 37 miles per hour with an approximate 60-mile range in a single charge. Instead of typical fold-out rear view mirrors, the car is equipped with surround-view cameras instead in order to accommodate the folding feature.

The cars developers are hoping their design could help solve people’s problems regarding commuting in larger cities, although they admit that the car itself isn’t ready to go on the road just yet.

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  1. I like the door design but to be honest I’m not impressed with the rest. It’s already a very small car and folding up the back doesn’t make it that much smaller. Also the small “landing gear wheels are going to be damaged in normal driving. Speed bumps are not going to be good for this car.

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