Arcstream AV Sets Up Living Images For You To Interact With

By Luke Anderson

When I went to CTIA last month I noticed something cool at most of the monorail stops. There were large mats close to where you would board, and on the mats you could see fish swimming around. If you stepped on it, you would see water rippling and the fish would scatter accordingly. There wasn’t anything around to identify the mat, and it was too bright out to get a good picture, so didn’t think about it anymore once I had left. Then I saw something about an exhibit at the Science Museum in London which looked very familiar.

I can only imagine that what I saw in Vegas was done by the same company. The Living Image, as it’s called, uses a 6,500 lumens overhead projector and a slew of sensors to create the images on a mat. Multiple people can interact with it just by walking around on the mat. I thought it was cool, and it certainly made the wait for the Monorail go by quicker.

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2 thoughts on “Arcstream AV Sets Up Living Images For You To Interact With”

  1. This is pretty old stuff. They have this in all the malls where I live. They use them for advertising. The kids love playing with them.

  2. I’ve seen these at a couple of the malls near where I live. Never to that scale though, usually only like a 6’x8′ projection. Typically, it draws in small children who chase around an interactive soccer ball.

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