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By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s another nice solution for people with MAME-cabinet envy but can’t do anything about it due to lack of space. The Arcade-in-a-box is an all-in-one console that simply plugs into your living room TV giving you all the enjoyment of classic MAME gaming in an easy to store box.

The console itself is basically a Windows XP based PC (2.88Ghz+ processor, 512Mb of RAM and a 120Gb hard drive) with arcade-quality joysticks, pushbuttons and 3-inch trackball mounted on top. In terms of games it comes pre-loaded with 2 collections including ‘Midway Arcade Treasures’ and ‘Atari Anniversary Collection’ but given the console is just a Windows PC adding your own games should be pretty easy.

The only downside is that they want $1,799 for the Arcade-in-a-box which seems incredibly expensive to me based on what it actually is. (A cheap PC with some joysticks added.)

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  3. About the price. It seems like the number one thing that is talked about on all the sites that have our product listed. It’s getting pretty frustrating to say the least. Most people don’t realize a few things.

    1. The labor involved in building a system like this is pretty extensive. Usually around 3-5 hours for each unit. From installing all the parts, wiring up all the controls, installing and configuring the softare to work seemlessly with the frontend.

    2. It’s more than just a PC with arcade controls. Though that is a bulk of the cost, most people don’t realize that a true happ arcade trackball will cost you 150 dollars alone when purchased retail. Add in cables, fans, usb ports, backplates, ports, keyboard interface, etc. The cost for building a unit like this is more than you realize. Give it a try, quote out a price of just parts.

    3. The units are customized for you in terms of colors of the overlay, trackball, buttons, joysticks and t-molding. We prefer to do this and make an original looking product for each customer rather than cookie cutter systems.


  4. pues es mu caro demasiado cuando los recreativos de cualquier ciudad los cierran por la ps2 o similar y te vende una recreativa por 100 euros y es solo comprarle cartuchos al tio y darle la licencia de juegos que trae la maquina y ya tienes recreativa

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