Arcade Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Lazybone)

Arcade Alarm Clock Needs To Try Harder

Arcade Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Lazybone)By Andrew Liszewski

Those of you who spent too much time at the arcade growing up, and now spend too much time in bed every morning might appreciate this arcade cabinet-shaped alarm clock that will wake you up with a “barrage of retro gaming sounds.” I’m not sure what they are specifically, but who could ever sleep through a barrage?

The tiny joysticks and buttons also apparently work, and are used for setting the time and alarm. But looking at the simple (and I’m going to assume simulated in that product shot) LCD display I have to wonder if this thing could be a lot cooler. Like would it add that much to the cost to add a full-color LCD display with simulated retro-game graphics? And how about requiring the user to enter the Konami code in order to turn the alarm off in the morning?

At around $22 (£13.99) it’s not that expensive, but I’m willing to bet that gamers would pay a premium if someone went the extra mile with this idea.

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