Aquavista 500 Living Art Aquarium

Aquavista 500 (Image courtesy Smarthome)
By Andrew Liszewski

Fish may not be as rewarding a pet as say dogs, cats or lions can be, but when it comes to easy maintenance, they’re at the top of the list. But if you’ve been put off by those large tanks of water they need for living, the Aquavista 500 could be a better alternative.

At only 4.3 inches deep it can be hung on any wall using the included reinforced steel mounting bracket, and it apparently only needs about 10-15 minutes of maintenance every month to keep the fish alive and well. The tank comes pre-decorated with a 3D underwater scene complete with plants, and also includes all that technical stuff like a filtration system, water pump, overhead lighting and a programmable heating system with LCD control panel. The only downside is that I assume it has an ugly power cord hanging from it, unless you fill it with electric eels. According to the cartoons I grew up with, they can power anything.

The Aquavista 500 is available from Smarthome for $299.99 plus the cost of fish, and water.

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