Aquavision TV With Heated Towel Rack

Aquavision Towel Rail TV (T2)By Andrew Liszewski

Every homeowner has to make that tough decision between having the convenience of a TV in the bathroom, or the luxury of heated towels. But there’s finally been a breakthrough in bathroom appliance technology that now allows you to have both! That’s right, the Aquavision Towel Rail TV incorporates both a 17 inch waterproof LCD display and fully heated chrome rails to make your towels all toasty warm in the morning. What a time to be alive!

The TV also has a special finish so that when it’s turned off, it can be used as a bathroom mirror. There’s even a waterproof remote which I guess is an important feature if you’re planning on using it while taking a bath, or other activities.

Sadly though, like any piece of cutting-edge technology the Aquavision Towel Rail TV comes with a ridiculous price tag of just over $6,000 from High Tech Living. But not having to choose between warm towels or TV in the bath is a big step forward for mankind.

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  1. Prior to this I didn’t even know that you could get heated towel racks. I can live without the TV in the bathroom however, so I guess I & my demographic won’t be needing this piece of wonderful gadgety convergence.

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