Aquarela Fridge With Dry-Erase Finish

Aquarela Fridges (Images courtesy Consul | Loja)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s yet another product that makes you wonder why no one has ever thought of it before. In this case it’s a South American appliance company called Consul that has made a simple improvement to a couple of refrigerator models they sell. The outside of the fridges are made to work like a dry-erase board allowing you to jot down notes, make a shopping list or just doodle with the included red and purple dry erase markers.

If you’re like most people your fridge’s compatibility with magnets has made it a depository of take-out restaurant flyers, emergency contact reminders and tacky souvenirs. Now you can take back your fridge and turn it into an original piece of art that reflects your own tastes and drawing skills.

Unfortunately it seems the Aqualera fridges are only available in Brazil at the moment and run about $760 for the model with freezer and about $630 for the model without.

Also if you check out the Aqualera website there’s a section where you can make your own fridge doodles online. Just click on the ‘COMECAR A DESENHAR’ link.

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7 thoughts on “Aquarela Fridge With Dry-Erase Finish”

  1. Knowing the art sensibilities of most Americans (of the northern, USA persuasion) I’m not sure making their fridge their own is such a good idea.

    That said, it’d rock for letting the kids draw on.

  2. oh come on! what is the big deal here? get a dry-erase marker and draw on your fridge, it works the same, just like drawing on those smooth formica surfaces!

  3. That’s amazing, kids will love it . To Tirso BBB… you couldn’t be dumber, go on and write “I am a Loser” on your poor old refrigerator… Damn envy…

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