AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory

AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory (Images courtesy Overton's)
By Andrew Liszewski

With Summer rapidly approaching, the AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory will up the ante on any water balloon fight, turning it into an all out war. An easy to use valve attaches to your standard garden hose, and a built-in clamp turns any table or flat surface into a temporary filling station. The contraption supposedly makes it easy to fill as many as 10 water balloons per minute, but the most important innovation I think is the ‘quick knot tying arm’ since I’m pretty sure no child below the age of 8 knows how to properly tie a balloon. (If you want to see the tying mechanism in action, check out the video I’ve included after the jump.) $9.99 from Overton’s.

[ AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

6 thoughts on “AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory”

  1. This is actually a really, really great idea! I've run kids programs for years, and we've had water balloon fights in the past, but it always takes soooo much time and preparation beforehand, filling up the balloons by hand with those old-fashioned nozzles. This is fantastic.

  2. I wish I had one as a kid. I purchased 2 of them immediately after I saw them on the site. I hooked it up as soon as i got it. I was able to fill 10 balloons and it broke 🙁 What looks to be a good design then fails with poor construction. the valve inside the unit broke, not allowing any water through when I pushed down. Sadly I wasn't able to have a water balloon fight. I am going to try to use the second one. Hopefully it works better. I would buy another if they fixed the problems with the valve.

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