Aptera Spotted At Starfleet Command


By Evan Ackerman

Back when we first introduced the Aptera, I mentioned that it looked like a space fighter. I guess someone was listening, since this picture shows an Aptera on what is supposedly the set of the new Star Trek movie, at Cal State Northridge’s Oviatt Library.


As long as people realize that it’s not a prop and you can in fact order one, this should certainly be great publicity of Aptera… ‘Course, production on the car is supposed to begin “in late 2008,” a ways ahead of the May 2009 release date for the movie. Who knows, maybe by then the Aptera will be everywhere and nobody will be impressed by the movie cameo. We can only hope.

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1 thought on “Aptera Spotted At Starfleet Command”

  1. FYI… I will give you the full scoop on this car when I get it. I am one of the 800 people who have put a $500 deposit down to get one of these cars. I am however, a bit nervous to be honest. The company, outside of press releases and magazine write ups, has had ZERO communication with it’s “customers”. I realize that a $500 deposit is not a huge deal… but come on… an email every couple of months wouldn’t hurt! In fact, why even have the “Get our news – enter your email” form on the TOP of their web page -www.aptera.com??? Sorry for the rant… just a frustrated customer.

    Last point… the cheapest form of advertising and sales is through satisfied customers… communicate with people who have signed up for communication.


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