Approximate Measurements Have Never Been So Precise


By Luke Anderson

I’m sure that everyone has used their hand or fingers to try and make a rough measurement of something. If you do it enough, you might actually get pretty good at it, but I’ve found that I’m usually way off. Well if you’re trying to measure something in the cold, these Measurement Work Gloves are the perfect tool.

The pair of gloves is covered with all sorts of measurements for those times when you just don’t feel like getting out the tape measure. Heck, they even threw in a protractor. Granted, everyone’s hand is different, so I wouldn’t rely on these figures to be exact. These handy (get it? handy!) gloves can be yours for right around $20 a pair. (Unfortunately they are out of stock at the time of writing)

[ UpToYouToronto ] VIA [ FashionablyGeek ]

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