Apple MacBook Nano (Is It Windy In Here?)

By Evan Ackerman

Put your pants back on, this isn’t a MacBook Nano. There are no MacBook Nanos. Nope, none. Never, ever, any, ever. Rather, this is our my favorite computer ever at the moment, the MSI Wind, gussied up to look like a Mac. The only difference between this computer and the stock $350 Wind is that this one comes with a 320 gig hard drive and a second gig of ram, both mods you can do yourself in about half an hour. Oh, and of course there’s that understated Apple logo, which means that if something like this were to show up on the Apple website, it would probably run you about $699.

But, you should buy a Wind anyway, for all kinds of good reasons (including the $350 price tag and Turbo mode), and then just slap an Apple sticker on the back (and install OS X, if you want) and make a lot of people really, really jealous.

More pics are available on Flickr.

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5 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Nano (Is It Windy In Here?)”

  1. Heh heh. Great hack, but yeah, I would be willing to slap down $350, heck even $500.00 for an honest-to-Steve Mac Nano. *Sigh* A girl can dream….

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