Apple Finally Replaces Windows-Based EasyPay Devices In Retail Stores


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve ever purchased something at an Apple store, you’ve probably noticed those handy little devices they use to ring you up. If you’re using plastic, they just scan your purchase, swipe your card and send you on your way without stepping behind a register. If you’re observant, you’ll also notice that the handheld device is a Windows-based PDA. How embarrassing. At least they are taking steps to eliminate these handhelds from their stores.

Apple has decided to start rolling out a new system which has similar functionality, but instead is built around the iPod Touch. They will simply be hooking up a barcode scanner and credit card reader to iPods running their special POS software. They’ve started rolling this out at one of their stores in California, and should have them at all of their stores for the holiday season.

VIA [ AppleInsider ]

13 thoughts on “Apple Finally Replaces Windows-Based EasyPay Devices In Retail Stores”

  1. I've yet to shop in an apple brick and mortar. In fact, I didn't even know they had them. Frankly I buy everything on the interweb so I wouldn't know if they filled circuit city with jawbreakers.

  2. You really should go to one of the Apple “Brick and Mortar” store, the environment is absolutely awesome. Personally I am relieved that they are finally getting rid of those stupid sleazy pays in favor of something easier to use.

  3. Now if only their genius bars, actually had geniuses behind them. I took my iPod to one for them to look at, and he did less then i knew what to do. I had to help him get into Diagnostic Mode, because he didn't know what that was or how to.

  4. Well I'll admit that not all of them have people that are excellent with iPods, and some people have their highs and their lows, but in general most of them are very good at what they do. I know the store local to me has a great team all very knowledgeable and able to help you with just about any problem that arises. Plus Diag mode very rarely actually helps in diagnosing issues with the ones that genuinely have issues, such as no video and dying batt. All things that have to be tested in other ways using either a computer or other tool that has been hand crafted to test the battery levels.

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