Apple Announces Updated Xserve


By Shane McGlaun

Apple fanatics around the world get all tingly inside when the Apple Store is offline, which it was this morning. They know that means new products are being added. Many were probably hoping for a new netbook or updated iPhone; those are more likely to be announced at the WWDC later this spring.

What Apple did unveil was a newly updated Xserve server. The updated machine uses the Intel quad-core Nehalem processor that allows a performance boost of up to two times. At the same time the machine also gets a greener and more efficient design.

Apple says the new Xserve delivers 89% better performance per watt and eliminates PVC and BFRs from the design making the product greener. A new SSD boot option with 128GB of storage is available and the machine supports RAID 5. Pricing for the newly updated Xserve starts at $2,999 and it is available now.

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