Apparently Gadget Makers Watch The Simpsons For Ideas

By Jonathan Kimak

Once Jay Leno’s writers get a hold of this you can be sure to expect the standard “How fat is America getting when…” joke to make it into his monologue.

This is a 12 volt microwave that can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. I’m sure this idea was made with the assumption that people cannot waste 60 seconds in the house waiting for their breakfast burrito to cook. Sadly that assumption is probably true for a lot of people.

Still if you wish to increase your insurance premiums by getting this you should also know that it’s roughly $170 US and has a power of 175W when plugged into the lighter and 660W when hooked directly to the battery. It also has an LED screen with touchscreen operation because you don’t really need to focus on the road at all, cars practically drive themselves now, right?

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  1. There is a huge market in 12-volt appliances aimed at truckers, RV enthusiasts, boaters, and others who live out of their vehicle some or all of the time. It’s not about microwaving while driving or laziness. Many 120 volt appliances draw too much power to run off an inverter, so their 12-volt cousins are much more friendly.

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