Anti Sleep Pilot (Image courtesy Anti Sleep Pilot)

Anti Sleep Pilot

Anti Sleep Pilot (Image courtesy Anti Sleep Pilot)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s already available for sale in Denmark, the Anti Sleep Pilot, which is a device that takes a more pro-active approach when monitoring for driver fatigue, is coming soon to the U.S. where drivers are typically in their cars for longer periods of time. Instead of being something you wear that detects the bobbing motion of your head, meaning you’re already falling asleep, the ASP attaches to the dashboard of your car and constantly records its motion, looking for erratic movements that may indicate you’re more tired than you think you are. It also performs simple random tests requiring you to touch the device, and based on how long it takes you to comply it can determine your alertness. (The tests also serve to break up the monotony of driving.)

Based on all the data it collects the Anti Sleep Pilot will then let you know, via a set of colored lights, whether you’re in a good condition to keep driving (green of course) or when you better pull over and take a break (red) before you fall asleep at the wheel. The English version of the ASP website doesn’t list a price for the device just yet, but the Danish version has it listed for $1,499kr or ~$270.

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