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By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure I can remember staring at the occasional ant hill as a kid but I never really had the urge to take them home. (Or the urge to not flatten their hill.) But I guess if you want your kids to learn about insect infestation sooner rather than later an art farm is a great idea. However in this day and age who wants to watch ants just ‘farm’ when they could be participating in extreme sports! The Xtreme Ant Farm is a whole sports park designed just for ants including ramps, a climbing wall, a bungee jump and even a street luge course.

The farm is available from a company called Uncle Milton and once you get it home you need to send away for the actual ants. I guess using local ants is not recommended given their lack of talent or possible non-extreme attitudes. One nice touch though is that the company will check the weather where you’re living before they ship them out hopefully giving the ants a better chance at arriving alive. (Though probably a bit motion sick.) Caring for the insects is as easy as giving them a drop of water and bread crumb every so often but I recommend Mountain Dew and a power bar as an extreme alternative.

The Xtreme Ant Farm is available from Amazon for $19.50.

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