Another Week In Laptop Experts Land

By Luke Anderson

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

Friday is here, which means another week has gone by. Another week full of answers over at the Laptop Experts site. I’m still churning out 6 per day, which means 30 more people had their questions answered by me this week, and countless more by the other Experts. Lets take a look at some of the ones that came in this week.

One person’s network card was showing unplugged, when it clearly wasn’t, another’s trackpad wasn’t moving, while someone else couldn’t get their screen to come on. I was asked what size screen a person should get for traveling, and where one could find a Windows 7 driver for a specific Realtek device.

If you haven’t gotten your question answered by one of the experts, you’re always more than welcome to send one in over at the Laptop Experts site. If you’re feeling particularly helpful, you can answer a question or two while you’re over there as well.

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