Another Way To Keep Your Coffee Warm

By Jonathan Kimak

USB-powered coffee warmers are nothing new, but they are usually little coaster like devices that range in quality and leave your coffee either at a nice temperature or at just above frigid. But never has a device that can heat up your beverage had the possibility of branding you or a co-worker.

When I see the Heat Me coffee heater I think it is both neat and more dangerous than any other heaters whose only flaw is that they may heat up your elbow. For now the Heat Me is still in the concept stage but with billions of coffee drinkers around it’s sure to be created regardless of it’s dangers.

I don’t drink coffee myself, I choose a healthier lifestyle by only drinking a 6 pack of red bull each day.

VIA [ Engadget ]

4 thoughts on “Another Way To Keep Your Coffee Warm”

  1. With this type of heater, i’m 100% sure it is dangerous for reckless user like myself! The heater have no protector at all and if I don’t be careful, there will be lots of “Ouch!” shouts out from my mouth! 🙂

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