Another Water Powered Calculator Surfaces

Water powered calculator

By Luke Anderson

Remember back in December when I showed you someone’s crazy idea for a water powered calculator? Well, while I’m still convinced that the person behind it must have either been crazy or making a point about alternative fuels, someone else must have thought it was brilliant

At least this water-powered adding machine is slightly more attractive looking than the one we first saw. There’s actually something that baffles me more than the use of fuel cells rather than a solar panel. What company in their right mind would name themselves ABBA? Seriously, the only thing that comes to mind is bad 70’s music.


5 thoughts on “Another Water Powered Calculator Surfaces”

  1. yeah obviously you didn’t grow up in the 70’s like some of us(I did) and ABBA was the best disco music then adn now. for shame on you! Bad blogger bad. This thing is useless but might be nice to hack apart into a sort of personal emergency power device. ABBA

  2. This is one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. How is this better than solar powered calculators? I’m much more likely to be in a place where I need a calculator and don’t have water than be at a place where I need a calculator and I don’t have light. I highly doubt this thing can be hacked to create any more power than, yes, can power an LCD calculator, which is about as little power as you can get.

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