Another Use for Persistence of Vision: TireTagz

By David Ponce

I have mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, it’s brilliant and I’d want one… if only it wasn’t so freaking stupid.

Let me explain. TireTagz (the “z” makes it cool) is a device that attaches to your car wheel. It’s a bunch of high frequency LEDs that, once you’re on the highway, use a phenomenon called persistence of vision to display a static image. So far so good.

Things start getting retarded when you find out that it’s not a simple matter of downloading your favorite pic, and then uploading it to the device. No, no. Even though it comes with 4 pre-programmed designs, you have to actually purchase (at $6 each) additional pictures. To make things worse, you only get 32 designs to chose from. And… to top it all off, most of them look so stupid that putting those on your car would turn you into a rolling freak show.

So, TireTagzzzz poople, listen up. You made what could have been something really interesting, and then went and turned it into ridicule in your myopic lust for more money.

Go laugh at them here. Story VIA Wonderland.

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3 thoughts on “Another Use for Persistence of Vision: TireTagz”

  1. Good Day,
    I want to buy tiretagz but the website is not functioning i believe.So how do i download my text and images?then who really manufacturers tiretagz?someone said its a scam cos the website is probably under it true?

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