Another Twist to Bending Light

Flexible_bulb Story by Asim Waqar

I know there have been many stories lately about flexible solar panels. Well, now the good folks at ceeLite (world headquarters in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) bring you the flexible light bulb!

They are the first in the world to manufacture and bring light emitting capacitor (LEC) technology to the market. Taken straight from their Technology page “A CeeLite panel is essentially a capacitor structure with phosphor sandwiched between the electrodes. Application of an AC voltage generates a changing field within the phosphor, which causes the phosphor to emit light. CeeLite panels are constructed using screen printable polymer thick film compositions.”

My wife’s mind is abuzz at the design possibilities with access to such technology: illuminated wallpapers, illuminated pool liners, illuminated flags, an illuminated Brooke Burke autographed swimsuit calendar! (edit: OK, OK! Brooke was my idea, not yours. Happy?)

The ceeLite homepage includes a product line , impressive portfolio and an extensive list of distributors in the USA and the Great White North. No word on pricing… we all know what that means.

3 thoughts on “Another Twist to Bending Light”

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  2. neat stuff. refract it with a film and watch the light show, if you have ideas – call Mike Binder anytime. Play with his mind and he will play with yours.

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