Another Move

By David Ponce

Yeah, looks like we’re moving around a lot. That’s because we are. The Dedicated Virtual server at Media Temple was a nice and fast, but a little tight. It didn’t scale and just getting on the front page of Digg would bring it to its knees. We decided to actually downgrade, to The Grid, for its scalability. We don’t need no steenking root access. We’ll stay there for a little bit to see how things go. If you see this message, you’re getting OhGizmo from the Grid.

Let us know, once more, if anything’s broken.

8 thoughts on “Another Move”

  1. Moving once -ok, twice -also ok. But again??? Have you ever tried to _really_ compare the Hosters before you move? This really looks like you are far from being proffesional.

  2. Liganic -> Whatever man! You’ve got to learn things one way or the other. Your idea of a professional way for them to have handled this would’ve been not to inform us. That’s the whole secret behind the “pro” name tag. It means that something’s going on behind the scene but you’re just an amateur who’ll never know the faced implications.
    Well… OhGizmo thanks for a great site. And being communicative on your choices.

  3. Yeah, really, guys, we could have just pressed a button, and no one would have been the wiser. We let you in on these things for a variety of reasons. One, a few thousand of you testing things for us is definitely better than three of us looking around to make sure nothing’s broken. Two, we think you might benefit from our mistakes, and not have to go through the same hassles yourselves.

    When we got the Dedicated Virtual package at Media Temple, it seemed like a no-brainer. We were coming from a $8 a month(or something like that) shared hosting from Bluehost (before that, it was the unmentionable Dreamhost), and we thought that $75 a month was definitely, without question give us more horsepower. Well, it turns out we were wrong, and there was no way to test this before doing the switch: the problem only occurred once traffic started coming into the new server.

    The DV server is nice, but it’s a (virtual) box with limited resources, and getting more resources cost a lot more. The Grid, on the other hand, should in theory be better able to handle our traffic, since it scales and distributes the computing power over hundreds of servers when needed. But that’s in theory, and we’ve heard a few horror stories from Media Temple. So, let me say here, there’s a decent chance we’ll be moving again.

    But, maybe this time we won’t tell anyone. 🙂

  4. It sounds like when you grow bigger with lots of traffic would be a trouble of having to find the best host….Of course, if costs ain’t matter, then it’s easy. I wonder what host other higher traffic sites (such as TechCrunch, Engadget) are on? Even dedicated can’t sustain the hits? Grid should be much better since load distributed….Hope OhGizmo can finally settle down on 1 😀

  5. Anyway, it’s nothing seriously broken here, just like last move that showed IP address but this time the grid server host name, perhaps u haven’t hit the domain transfer button 😀

  6. Damn you guys seem to be moving more times than I change my underwear in a month…

    Hahaha, just kidding hope you finally find a server and host that “Oh Gizmo!” can call home for a very long time…


  7. We just made the same move, this evening, from DreamHost to Media Temple because DH couldn’t keep the sites running. I was checking the server status pages hourly and waiting for the next time I had to file a trouble ticket… Not worth it.

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