Announcing The T-Shirt Design Winners: No One

By David Ponce

It’s not that all the designs sucked. Although some did. It’s just that nothing really blew our minds. So we’ve decided to hire some pros, and pay for a design. And we’re really, really hoping that cash buys talent, or creativity, or whatever it is we wanted to see in a design.

For those of you who sent in a design, please, don’t be upset. Some of that stuff was great. It may just be that we’re suffering of a bad case of being too picky.

We’ll let you know when the shirts are ready!

17 thoughts on “Announcing The T-Shirt Design Winners: No One”

  1. this is an awesome post because it made me laugh!

    i didn’t enter (i wish i knew photoshop more otherwise i would have considered), but……….its just….. oh the irony!

  2. Way to jack everyone around! Isn’t the first rule of design “contests” that you DO pick a winner, you live with the results of the road you traveled?
    I didn’t enter but this is a good lesson about contests, they don’t value your time or effort. It just got wasted. Way to go OhGizmo.

  3. @ PXLated. I understand the frustration. But there’s a reason contests have rules. If you read them here: You’ll notice #8, which basically says we reserve the right to select nothing at all. And speaking of wasted time or effort, the same would go to everyone who didn’t win, even if we had in fact chosen a winner.

    Still, sorry to disappoint. But we’re only doing this because we want a shirt that everyone can get excited about.

    @nar. That may be an excellent idea. I’ll get back to you all about this.

  4. And Im done with your site…
    Typical BS anyway…
    Wanting something for nothing!!!
    Hey Design us a shirt for some crap ass prizes we got for free…and we can sell it for profit and make money off an idea someone came up with…
    Jesus… best part you had a contest… some poor schmuck prob. spent some real time working on something, then you say… ehhh screw it, no prize for anyone… real professionals…

  5. Ya, rule #8 is just a weasel way out. #8 would be better as “we reserve the right to – not use – any of the submitted designs”. I agree with nar, pick one, award a prize.

  6. I entert because i love Ohgizmo and i wanted to contribute to the community. I readed the entery rules and was aware of the fact they wouldnt pick if it was’nt up to par. So stop nagging about it, especialy if you din’t participate (altough i think its realy nice of you to come up for my rights). What’s bothering me is we never going to see those designs we put our time and effort in, maybe nice idea to put them uphere?

    Sadly enough i had’nt much time to make a realy good design or put alot of thought in it, and the time i had i put in vectorizing the (fullcolour!) logo.
    I know lame excuse, but i’m a grahpicdesigner and i have to defeat my reputation 🙂

  7. I enter because I loved to!I And I’ll do it again if comes up a new Contest. at OhGizno.
    I think that’s nice to speak openly about a true which comes with ALL the Contests.You never know WHY ,some WHO;won the contest!
    Here,at least we’re said WHY!
    Thanks OhGizmo!

  8. Look, I love the site and will keep visiting, but do agree that rule 8 is a cop out. I understand not going ahead and producing a t-shirt that you aren’t thrilled about, but do as Nar says, award *someone* a prize, even if it’s out of a hat. Otherwise, it’s just disrespectful to all of those who put in the effort and they won’t bother next time.

  9. .

    you get what you pay for.

    this line sums it all up, “we’re really, really hoping that cash buys talent, or creativity, or whatever it is we wanted to see in a design.”

    still, it would be nice if you would just give the prize to the one that was closest to the mark. these are your supporters, even if they can’t give you free sell-able designs.


  10. @Mr. Bumble. I just want to point out that we weren’t trying to get something for nothing. Aside from the two prizes, there was a $200 cash award. This is the same amount we’re paying the team at Splitreason (that we’re partnering with for the shirts).

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