Animated Dubble Bubble Gumball Telephone

Dubble Bubble Gumball Phone (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

While getting rid of your landline at home in favor of only using a cellphone makes financial sense, you do lose out on other benefits like the ability to use novelty phones. Just like the hamburger phone seen in Juno has become quite popular, I’m sure this Dubble Bubble phone will ignite a consumer frenzy the same way Tickle-Me-Elmo did.

When the phone rings, circus music plays, lights flash and a gumball is released from the glass dome which then spirals down a chute to a dispenser. However if you don’t feeling like popping a fresh piece of gum in your mouth every time the phone rings, there is a button you can press which diverts the gumball to a spinning auger which carries it back up into the dome.

Unfortunately the phone has been discontinued but still has a limited stock available for $139 each.

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