Angry Brands: Famous Logos Invaded by Angry Birds

Angry Brands

If you play Angry Birds or just watched their intro video, then you already know why the birds are so peeved at the green alien pigs. That back story has nothing to do with  Russia-based artist Yakushev Grigory‘s gallery called “Angry Brands” though, where he recreates a bunch of famous logos featuring the well-known and ever-angry birds. Love them or hate them, I think the impact the franchise has made is here to stay.

From Starbucks and Pringles to Apple and Chrome, it seems like Grigory’s gallery has it all. Or does it? 

Angry Brands1

Normally, Starbucks’ logo is that of a twin-tailed mermaid or a siren, as the figure is normally known in Greek mythology. Seeing as they’ve got a green logo, it only made sense to replace the mermaid’s image with that of the alien pigs from Angry Birds. Or didn’t it?

Angry Brands2

You’d recognize this one as the yellow angry bird from the game. Grigory did a tri-color rendition of it, though, to the tune of Google’s logo for Chrome, actually. On closer inspection, the bird also incorporates elements from the typical red angry bird and the black angry bird. But then, I think it’s just the eyebrows and their expression, because all of them look extremely angry, as expected.

Angry Brands3

Now here’s an exclusively black bird featuring the now-explosive Apple logo. I’m not sure if these brands will appreciate being linked to the a relatively negative adjective such as “angry” though, since that somehow makes you link the brands with angry customers.

Angry Brands4

My favorite has got to be the Angry-Birded Pringles logo. He looks meaner than the typical Pringles man, but then, he’s angry, after all. You can check out the rest of the series Behance.

Which logo is your favorite?

VIA [ Buzz Feed ]