Angry Birds: Star Wars. Let’s Keep Milking While The Milking Is Good

Angry Birds has made Rovio a lot of money. Now, Rovio wants to make even more with this franchise by releasing a Star Wars edition. Yeah… Listen, we sort of understand why Rovio would want to get while the getting is good. Wouldn’t you? And while Bad Piggies, the company’s first game after Angry Birds, seems to be doing well in the App Store, we… really hate it. We’re not sure how enduring its success will be, but we suspect that the current sales pace is partly due to people’s high expectations. Then again, it’s not that the game itself is bad, we just don’t really like that gameplay style. It’s a personal preference, but we feel it lacks the simplicity that made Angry Birds so addictive.

In any case, opinions aside, Angry Birds: Star Wars will be available for download November 8th. The game features brand new gameplay, and there is talk of a massive retail launch set to coincide with it.

VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]