Angel Kitty Keyboard

By Bruce Eaton

What might be one of the most lusted over products if it were not for the fact that the girl is not included, the Angel Kitty Keyboard combines every man’s two greatest infatuations: girls and computer hardware. Designed as a cross between a waitress and a kitty, the dress has a fully functional USB keyboard that is flexible and bends according to the shape of the body. It has silicone padding underneath the keys to prevent hurting the person who is wearing it.

As of right now the Angel Kitty USB keyboard is only available in Japan and you’ll have to supply the bust size before placing the order. Pricing should be around $100 US but finding this exact model on their mildly NSFW website is a little bit hard. No more will boys complain when their parents yell at them to “Go upstairs and bang out that essay on the computer.”

[Angel Kitty Keyboard] VIA [Digital Inspiration]