Andre’s NES Emulator

Kid Icarus (Screenshot courtesy Andre's NES Emulator)By Andrew Liszewski

Video game emulators are a great way to relive those hundreds of hours you wasted as a child in front of the TV. (I’m going to stick with ‘hundreds’ instead of the more accurate ‘thousands’ cause it makes it seem less depressing.) But the whole process of finding an emulator, hunting down roms and getting it all running seems like a lot of effort that I simply don’t want to invest this late in the week.

This is where Andre’s NES Emulator comes in. While this has already been making the rounds online for a week now I thought I’d post it just in case one of our readers hasn’t stumbled across it yet. Basically it’s a website with a built in NES emulator and a catalogue of over a hundred different games to play.

Sure it’s far from perfect, even the site’s designer clearly states:

Andre’s NES emulator is not a good replacement for a real NES (or FCE Ultra). The sound is fuzzy, the screen is small, the controls are awkward, and the gameplay is slow.

But it’s easy, convenient and more importantly a great way to kill a Thursday afternoon.

[Andre’s NES Emulator]

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