And There Was Much Rejoicing: Cell Phone Charger Standardization

Micro USB

By Evan Ackerman

Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, and Nokia, which together comprise some 85% of the GSM hardware market, have all agreed to standardize their cell phone chargers to Micro-USB. This is great news for consumers, but why are companies making the change when it cuts in to their accessories market? According to Nokia, “with the reduction of cables needed for mobile data connectivity, we can further enhance user experiences in our devices while reducing the burden to the environment.” Forgive me, Nokia, if I don’t believe that you and your buddies are doing this just to be nice to us and the planet. What they might actually be referring to is that in the EU, manufacturers have to pay for part of the cost of recycling electronics that they manufacture, and a common standard might cut down on the number of useless chargers floating around. But I guess whatever the motivation, it’s a good thing.

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5 thoughts on “And There Was Much Rejoicing: Cell Phone Charger Standardization”

  1. About frickin’ time! Micro-USBs are coming into more and more usage. Case in point, my Bluetooth headphones and transmitter. Besides, why adopt a chunky, older-generation USB port when they can go for the uber-sleek micro? It is GOOD for business because it adopts the NEW standard, not the older ones.

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