An RC F16 With A First Person Remote View

An RC F16 With A First Person Remote View

By Andrew Liszewski

I found a new recipe for awesome today. You take a remote controlled F16 fighter plane with an intricately detailed cockpit. (Complete with a working digital display showing altitude) Add in an action figure with a 360 degree rotating, panning video camera for a head. Mix that in with a wireless broadcast system and then finish the whole thing off with a pair of LCD goggles worn by the pilot on the ground.

Fpv F-16 (Images courtesy VRflyer)

You’re left with an experience that will put any video camera equipped RC car to shame. Seriously. The footage from the cockpit of this RC plane in flight feels surprisingly realistic. (Not that I’ve ever experienced the real thing to compare though.) Or maybe it’s just the Kenny Loggins soundtrack. Either way – awesome!

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