How to Turn a Hard Drive Into a Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Hard Drive

The things that you can do with an old hard drive is virtually limitless. If it’s beyond repair, then you can have it taken apart and salvaged for parts. You could sell the components, or use it to create hard drive works of art, like the Shadow of the Colossus hard drive. If you’re not very artsy, then you could mod it so you can use it as a paper weight, door stopper, or a book end.

However, if you’re particularly handy with tools and have a sweet tooth, then you might want to embark on a little DIY project and turn it into a cotton candy machine instead.

Cotton Candy Hard Drive1

It sounds pretty far out, but we wouldn’t be talking about it if it weren’t possible. A Chinese engineer who runs a hard drive repair and recovery center was able to do it, and it looks like he made quite a few batches of candy with his DIY gizmo. He posted instructions on how he transformed his old hard disk into a candy floss machine online, where he used 6 bicycle spokes, a plastic basin, an aluminum can, and a round flat metal tin aside from the drive during the entire process.

Tell us about your attempts if you decide to go for it!

VIA [ MIC Gadget ]