An Automatic Stirrer

By David Ponce

You know those recipes that tell you “Stir often”? Well, they really put a cramp on your ability to multitask. I, for one, would enjoy being able to watch the game, while simultaneously making myself a delicious risotto, or some custard.

So, I’m really considering spending $20 for this, the “Stir-Chef Hands-Free Stirrer”. Simply place on your pan, turn on, and forget.

Come inside for the full specs.

[Stir-Chef Hands-Free Stirrer] VIA [Gadgetgarden]

# Uses the same motor found in power screwdrivers.
# Stirs from the bottom to keep even ultra-thick mixtures moving.
# Adjustable-height stainless steel shaft and special paddles in three sizes to fit pans from 1.5 to 4.5 quarts.
# Spring-loaded arms attach to saucepan rim.
# Steady no-splatter speed.
# Uses four long-lasting alkaline batteries (included).
# Almost 5 hours of continuous stirring (10 hours on intermittent setting).
# Shaft and paddles are dishwasher safe.
# Folds for storage.
# Imported.

7 thoughts on “An Automatic Stirrer”

  1. I think “cooks Illustrated” tested one of those gadgets and found it seriously lacking. If I recall correctly, I don’t think it was the solution to the constant stirring instructions for many risottos and polenta recipes.

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